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What We Are

At Health Zingo we believe that - food is a key part of maintaining our health and well-being. We endeavor to encourage all of you to eat better. With our collection of all day options ranging from our juices and smoothies, to our all day sandwiches. Not to forget our home-style NutriMeal lunch and dinner. We believe that good food should be cooked simply with the freshest natural ingredients, specially chosen for a balanced diet.

Our Cuisine

Our Food

We are inspired by healthy vegetarian cooking from all over the world. Indian - for its variety and richness, Continental - for its simplicity. Our juices do not contain any added sugar. We also take orders for parties and get togethers. Besides the regular food we do cater to custom dietary requirements like 'Saatvik' or 'Jain'.

About Us

Established in 2012, Our restaurant offers friendly, informal service in a lively atmosphere in addition to value for money for the kind of food we serve. Best part is, everything can be made to take away or delivered to your door. Individuals or groups can also subscribe to meal combinations.